Harelik Family Photos

Haskell and Matleh (Leah in the musical) Harelik, 1919.

Hamilton, Texas, 1909. The north side of the town square was known as Saloon Row, where ladies did not walk. Haskell's first store was across the square on the south side.

Haskell and Matleh Harelik, with their first son, Sam (Mordechai in the musical),1913.

Ad in the Hamilton newspaper announcing Haskell's first year in business, 1912.

Haskell and Matleh Harelik before the birth of their youngest child. Boy on the left is Louis (Moishe in the musical). Boy on the right is Sam.

The Harelik family complete, circa 1920.  The boys, left-to-right, Louis, Milton, and Sam.

Ad for the Perry National Bank, Hamilton, Texas, circa 1925.

The south side of the town square in Hamilton, late 30's. The building on the far left is the Perry National Bank and the visible store sign is for Haskell Harelik's Dry Goods.

Ad in the Hamilton newspaper, circa 1940.

The three Harelik boys hoist their mother in the backyard of their Hamilton home, mid-1930's.

Haskell Harelik and his eldest son, Sam, mid 1930's.

Haskell and Matleh Harelik in the store on the town square, helping promote the first of three major war bond drives. Circa 1942.

Milton, Army Air Corps; Sam, Navy; Louis, Army.  All home on leave, 1943-1944.

The last photo of Haskell and Matleh Harelik together, 1971. She passed away some weeks later, the victim of stomach cancer which no one in the family knew about, not even Haskell.

Haskell Harelik, 1987.

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